Why Does Membership Matter If Admission to the Museum is Free?

Our local Polk Museum of Art, a legacy organization in our community, is absolutely free to all thanks to donors, supporters and Members. If entry to the Museum is free, why is Membership so important?

 The answer to this question is twofold. One, our Museum needs the engagement and support of the community so that we can reach more of the general public. We would like every person in our county to know that they have access to these quality works of art at absolutely no cost. The best way we can do that is through public support and word of mouth. Our Members are our very best ambassadors, and we need more of them to help us with our mission to enhance the quality of life of those we serve.

 The second answer is funding. Membership funds cover the necessary operating and program costs like securing exhibitions, student scholarships, building maintenance, energy costs, salaries, and even supplies for the Museum. With funding restrictions and cutbacks to funding, our Museum needs the support of Members now more than ever. The payment of a membership to the Museum is a tax-deductible gift. For that charitable gift, we provide our Members with quality benefits.

Please join, renew, or upgrade today!