Alternative Watercolor Methods (FULL)

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Alternative Watercolor Methods (FULL)

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Mondays, February 5 - March 12 (6-9pm)
Skill Level: Beginning to Intermediate
Instructor: Lauren Gessner, B.A., Art Education, University of North Florida
Fee: $145 Members, $185 Non-Members

Learn the basics of watercolor, and how we can achieve amazing and unique abstract paintings!  If you have ever felt intimidated by this medium, or a general interest of how to work with it, this is the place to let the experimentation run wild!  We will use a variety of techniques, mixed media, and additives to create abstracted and varied paintings.  

  • Introduction to watercolor basics, color theory, and transparency
  • Wax resist and wet into wet watercolor
  • Water and Salt techniques
  • Mixed Media Application and Design
  • Movement with water

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Sunday, January 28, 2018
Any registrations submitted after the registration deadline includes a $35 late fee.