Photography: Exploring Dark Room Printing in the Digital Age (six-week class)

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Photography: Exploring Dark Room Printing in the Digital Age (six-week class)

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Mondays, February 4 – March 11, 6pm-9pm
Skill Level: Beginning to Intermediate
Instructor: Rick Runion, BFA in the Fine Arts, Ohio University
Fee: $165 Members, $205 Non-Members

Join us as we walk back across the bridge from digital to film photography. Students will learn how to turn their digital photos into traditional black and white silver halide prints. This class will cover broad camera operation, composition and processing from film and digital negatives. The darkroom portion will teach the fundamental exposure and chemical processing techniques. Additional topics will include:

  • History of photography

  • Photographers of importance

  • Camera and compositional skills

  • Darkroom processing; film and prints

NOTE: Class participants will be responsible for providing their own digital SLR camera, mobile phone, film camera and/or film. All darkroom chemistry materials will be provided. Laptop computers are encouraged but not required. The use of Adobe Photoshop will be covered.

For more information, contact Rick Runion at

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Any registrations submitted after the registration deadline includes a $35 late fee.