A Visual Diary: A Photographic Installation by Mary Ann Becker

March 16 – May 19, 2002

Perkins Gallery

This exhibition features the work of Tampa photographer Mary Ann Becker. During the last several years, she has split her time between Tampa and Paris. A Visual Diary combines text and black-and-white snapshots in a multi-media recreation of the impact of a time and place on an individual. Rather than a collection of carefully posed and composed tourist images, Becker’s collection captures glimpses of the natural intermingling of people and places.

Because of the importance of privacy to most French people, she takes her photographs quickly and from a variety of inconspicuous positions, never actually looking through the viewfinder. Her informal observations of places, now serving as memories, often lead viewers to incorporate the images into their own memory banks, as if they had traveled to these places rather than Becker. At the same time, the sheets of text, also representing Becker’s impressions of these people and places, are presented with a weight equal to that of the photographs, making viewers aware that the person behind the camera is just as important as the scene in front of it. Becker received her BFA from Wichita State University and her MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.