Color 101: The Psychological Effects of Color

December 22, 2001 – March 10, 2002

Perkins Gallery

Continuing its effort to consider artworks in thought provoking contexts, the Museum has brought together a group of works from its permanent collection to investigate the impact of color choices made by artists. The exhibition begins with a discussion of the color theories used by artists to generate specific effects. After exploring these basic concepts using a combination of artworks and visual aids visitors are able to study the impact of these ideas through a wide range of artworks, including paintings, prints, and ceramics.

Accompanying many artworks are digitally altered reproductions that enhance the viewer’s understanding of the choices made by the artists. Among the works included in this exhibition are Keith Sonnier’s Meridian Codex: Print One, Ed Paschke’s Tampa Series #10 and Tampa Series #22, Margaret Tolbert’s Juniper Springs, and James Rosenquist’s After Berlin.