Kenny Scharf, Space Travel, 2002, Line-etching and aquatint with spit-bite aquatint, PMoA Permanent Collection 2002.21.4, Gift of Norma Canelas and William D. Roth

May 3 – August 2, 2014

Murray & Ledger Galleries

Ekphrasis is a rhetorical exercise first practiced by the ancient Greeks. Essentially, it is a method of creating a new artwork as directly related to or inspired by an already existing work of art. Ekphrasis often takes the form of prose or poetry. The written piece is not necessarily a mere description of the artwork at hand (although it can be), but is a beautifully written account about the subject of the artwork. It is as if an illustration precedes and inspires the written story. For this exhibition, Polk Museum of Art worked with students at the Lakeland Montessori Middle School. Artworks from the Museum’s Permanent Collection were chosen and assigned to students as inspiration for their own explorations into the ancient art of ekphrasis.