Eye See America: Through the Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet

October 2, 2010 – January 8, 2011
Emily S. Macey Gallery

Joshua Mann Pailet is a photographer with a lens for absorbing America. This exhibition will include 66 photographs from his broad opus which will all work in unison to form a visual journy into the American experience. Inspired by the photographic social commentary of artists such as Dorothea Lange, the beauty of natural phenomenon in works by Ansel Adams, and the advertising and documentary character of Elliott Erwitt’s images, Pailet’s ability to combine the American sensation and fine art photography is moving, nostalgic, raw, and always beautiful.


Pailet was born in New Orleans, raised in Baton Rouge, and then returned to New Orleans where he now owns and manages A Gallery for Fine Photography. His extensive travels across the varied landscapes of the United States have provided the people, places and events which became the subjects of these photographs. From his cross-country ride aboard the American Freedom Train in 1976 to his experiences in New Orleans post Katrina and the energy of rock’n’roll concerts, his images capture insights into the country’s recent history, its contemporary national identity and the people who help sustain it.


Peterson & Meyers, P.A.

and Robert and Malena Puterbaugh

Fleetwing Corporation



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