Florida Artists

February 16, 2013 – June 9, 2013

Murray and Ledger Galleries

Florida’s vast cultural diversity nurtures a healthy contemporary arts scene. Each year, the Sunshine State hosts an array of arts festivals, including the internationally renowned Art Basel in Miami, which draw a number of artists from around the country.In addition to home-grown talents like James Michaels and William Kidd, many other artists, such as Ummarid “Tony” Eitharong and Humberto Calzada, have come to call Florida home. 

Because of its central location, the Polk Museum of Art has unique access to Florida’s diverse arts offerings. In fact, it was that accessibility that sparked the creation of the Museum’s Permanent Collection in 1970. Now containing nearly 3,000 objects from around the world, the Permanent Collection was originally based on works by Florida artists. These early additions were aided by the Mayfaire-by-the-Lake festival organized by the Museum each year on the banks of Lake Morton. With nearly 200 artists participating, many of whom are Floridians, the Museum always has a renewed resource to continue expanding its holdings of works by Florida artists.

This exhibition recognizes and celebrates several of those Florida artists whose works are included in the Polk Museum of Art’s Permanent Collection.