Functional Ceramics

April 10 – June 26, 2010

Emily S. Macey Gallery

The Museum holds an outstanding collection of ceramics from around the world. The exhibition Functional Ceramics features a sampling of these works, all of which were created with forms that are recognizable even if the designs and styles are pure art. From centuries-old wares from Italy and France to the work of 20th century Japanese National Treasures to Pre-Columbian works to modern and contemporary objects created in the United States and Europe, this exhibition will reveal the great traditions that unite cultures across the globe while pointing out unique characteristics of these traditions.


  • Cowles Charitable Trust
  • Dorothy Chao Jenkins
  • Mark & Lynn Hollis
  • Ron and Becky Johnson
  • The Reitzel Foundation
  • The Hazelle Paxson Morrison Foundation
  • BCI Engineers & Scientists
  • Summit Consulting, Inc.