In the Proper Frame of Reference: Women Artists from the Permanent Collection

April 28 – July 22, 2001

Perkins Gallery

This exhibition highlights major international, American, and regional artists whose works are in the Museum’s Permanent Collection. During the 1970s the art world finally began to acknowledge women artists. Women have been at the forefront of many of the most fascinating artistic innovations throughout art history. For decades art historians relegated the existence of women in the art world to the position of objects of the male artists’ gaze. Now women have opted men’s illogical position of domination of the art world and are exploring many issues often more intensely or more creatively than many male artists have. The artists in this exhibition, including Lenora Carrington, Arline Erdrich, Ann Turnley, and Maria Castagliola, examine their unique artistic and individual heritages through issues such as self-identity, self-reflection, and personal relationships with others.