Kent Hagerman: Etchings of Florida

May 18 – September 8, 2002

Murray Gallery

The Museum’s unique collection of etchings by Kent Hagerman (1893-1978) is the focus of this exhibition. Hagerman was an important commerical and fine art printmaker of the early 20th Century. Born in Ohio, Hagerman began his studies at the Cleveland School of Art. After serving in World War I in France, he spent his leave in Paris studying at the Sorbonne. When he returned to this country, he and his brother operated the largest engraving company west of the Mississippi. He moved to Lakeland in 1933 and set up a studio at his house on Cambridge Avenue, Hagerman took great pride in the fact he was able to bring a sense of creativity to the commercial workd of advertising and illustration. These prints reveal a beautiful artistic vision and a master’s touch with the etching needle.