The 1970s

August 29 – November 29, 2009

Perkins Gallery

The 1970s. It was a decade that began with the end of the Beatles and the introductions of All My Children and The Gremlin, survived the death of Elvis and the popularity of leisure suits and Charlie’s Angels, and continued through disco, the Walkman, and Space Invaders. It was also a decade unlike any other that preceded it in terms of ideas and styles in the art world. This exhibition of works from the permanent collection presents examples of some of the major trends that were either developed during the 1970s or reached their high point during the decade.


  • Cowles Charitable Trust
  • Dorothy Chao Jenkins
  • Mark & Lynn Hollis
  • Ron and Becky Johnson
  • The Reitzel Foundation
  • BCI Engineers & Scientists
  • Eunice Lee Fuller Fund
  • Summit Consulting, Inc.