The Serie Print Project: Serigraphs from Coronado Studio

July 28 – October 21, 2001

Perkins Gallery

The Serie Project, Inc. is a non-profit Latino arts organization located in Austin, Texas that produces, promotes, and exhibits serigraphs created by established and emerging artists. It strives to emphasize the cultural diversity of the visual arts in Austin and Texas while developing awareness of Latino art and its importance in our communities.

The Serie Print Project’s mission is to promote national and international artists from various professional levels and ethnic backgrounds. Austin artist Sam Coronado created the Project in 1993. A Master Printer works with the artists to assist and guide the production of their editions. The Polk Museum of Art will present an exhibition of 30 out of the nearly 120 serigraphs created at Coronado Studio during the last eight years. These works exemplify the quality and diversity of all the works produced within The Serie Print Project.