Irma Update 10:00 PM Sunday

As of right now we are in the thick of it. From what I have heard, the winds are blowing 85 mph and it is a constant downpour. Our auditorium emergency exit door are leaking about 2 gallons per hour. We have had some damage to the gate surrounding our HVAC chiller. We have also lost power to half the building. As a result of the loss of power, part of out HVAC system is not working. The humidity is approaching 80% in our prep area but fortunately there is no art there. Collections and the Galleries are still OK. I called Lakeland Electric and as soon as the winds get below 35 mph, they will start restoring power.

In the meantime, we do not have network or internet access so I am posting this with my phone. I think I hear a new leak and need to go investigate...

-Gregory Mills (Director of Security, Operation & Technology)