Irma: After the storm

We made it though the storm but not without incident. Everyone who stayed is fine. The eye of Hurricane Irma went directly over the top of us. Around 11:00 PM we lost all power to the building, we also lost all internet and we could not even get internet on our phones. Right now we have no power or internet. 

During the night the following damage happened to the Museum:

  • Roof leaked in the liquor closet
  • Auditorium doors leaked about 4 gallons of water
  • One of the duct covers on the roof blew off
  • One of the walls surrounding the chiller collapsed 
  • The glass block in the library leaked
  • 80% of the trees against the back of the building blew over

It could have been much worse. Right now there is nothing anyone can do to help so please don't come to the Museum to try and help. We need electricity first. 

-Gregory Mills (Director of Security, Operations & Technology)