[Watch] George Lowe speaks about One Collector's Dream

Collector and artist George Lowe gives a Gallery Talk about the artwork from his collection featured in the exhibition One Collector's Dream, on view September 24 to December 3, 2016 at the Polk Museum of Art.

You may not have met local legend George Lowe, but there is a good chance you have heard his voice. Since he began his radio career in 1974, his voice has contributed to nine Emmy Awards, three ADDY Awards and has earned him praise from the New York Times, USA Today and TV Guide. Millennials will recognize his voice as that of the interstellar talk show host Space Ghost from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim fame. Lowe’s rap sheet of vocal appearances is second only to his checklist of works in his private art collection.

Lowe has been an art collector for over 30 years. His home is a veritable art museum, containing a variety of artworks from mid-century Pop Art to contemporary Folk Art. He refers to collecting art as his passion. His collection includes staple artists like James Rosenquist, Howard Finster, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann, but also includes a number of wildcards like Michael Stipe, Mama Johnson, Shepard Fairy, Lonnie Holley, Sandy Skoglund . . . and, George Lowe.