Ancient Art of the Americas

David and Lucia Taxdal Pre-Columbian Gallery

Permanent Exhibit

Ancient Art of the Americas, a refocused installation of the Museum’s collection of Pre-Columbian artworks which was completed in December, 2000, and updated with recent acquisitions in March, 2003, features a comprehensive overview of artifacts from Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Peru. The gallery is divided into three themed rooms. Warriors, Priests, and Rituals presents effigies related to either of those three categories, including bound prisoners, warriors ready for battle, and priest figures. The Pre-Columbian Woman is a display of artifacts and sculpture of or related to the daily activities of women in Pre-Columbian societies. This room also features a hands-on activity area for children to explore. The third room is arranged geographically, with artifacts grouped according to the current name of the country in which they were found. This arrangement allows visitors to see how cultures that were geographically close influenced each other. This room also contains an archaeology display which explains how scientists uncover and interpret artifacts like those in the gallery.