Japanese Textiles from the Permanent Collection

June 2 – August 19, 2007

Dorothy Jenkins Gallery

For decades, the Museum has collected Asian art. However, it received a major addition in 2005 when Polk County collectors William D. and Norma Canelas Roth donated more than thirty Japanese textiles in honor of Margaret Wilbanks. This exhibition will mark the first opportunity for these impressive works to be viewed by the public.

Dating from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century, the kimono, vests, jackets and other textiles in this exhibition represent a time of transition and great artistic creativity in the development of Japanese fashion. Through World War II, the kimono was the standard garment worn by most Japanese people for all occasions. Once the war ended, Western dress became more popular with the kimono assuming a more formal or ceremonial role. The Roth collection includes garments for men, women and children as well as a number of important “folk” textiles, garments created by and for the rural people of Japan.