Rebecca Sexton Larson: Another Time, Another Place

July 30 – November 27, 2005

Perkins Gallery

Rebecca Sexton Larson has established herself as one of the most creative artists in Florida. Although she is often classified as a photographer, and has recently been awarded the distinction of Photographer Laureate of Tampa, Larson paints over her photographs and incorporates fabric and stitched text into them. As she creates layers of images, paint and text, she investigates the impact of distance and context in understanding personal and general history. The stitched text is more than caption; the paint is more than decoration. Each material brings a different perspective on the subject; Larson brings their varying points of view into a poignant consensus.

Larson has been awarded two Florida Individual Artist’s Fellowships and has had her work collected by museums including Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Polk Museum of Art and Tampa Museum of Art.