The Polk Museum of Art's MIDFLORIDA Mayfaire by-the-Lake Brings Out the Art in Food This Year

What makes a great art show filled with beautiful works from around the country even better? Great food options!

New to the Polk Museum of Art’s MIDFLORIDA Mayfaire by-the-Lake this year are elevated food options that pair well with viewing and purchasing fine art.

“We are pairing high quality food with high quality art this year,” says Mayfaire Coordinator Joy Williams.

Pairing No. 1- Cuban Flair and Cuban Fare

Cuban artist Miguel Fonseca is a ceramics artist who makes his inaugural appearance at Mayfaire this year. He was enamored with ceramics at a young age and began making art from recycled wet clay pipes and tiles. He developed his own style through the years and has been an innovator in his designs and style of figurines and pottery, as well as in firing techniques.

Visitors will get to see Fonseca’s brightly colored vases, sculptures, tiles and wall art at Booth No. 147. Once inspired by Fonseca’s work, consider heading over to the food vendor area for a ¾-pound Super Cuban or a Media Noche from Manolito’s Cuban Shop. Manolitos opened in 1977 in South Lakeland. Their food is so tasty, you’ll be dancing the mambo to the next art tent.

Pairing No. 2- Laughter is Good for the Soul; So is a Smokin Bowl

Austin, Texas photographer Lorri Honeycutt has dabbled in photography for years, and she loves depicting happy or humorous characters in "what if" compositions. Her macro photos are a mix of miniature figures posed in clever situations. Her goal is to make you think, and then smile. Honeycutt is new to Mayfaire this year, and you can see her photography at Booth No. 150.

We’ve paired the culinary artistry of Smokin Bowls with Honeycutt’s art. Smokin Bowls brings the West Coast culinary style to the West Coast of Florida.  Chef Brian Lairby brings California street fare with a Latin influence in the form of elotes, which is painted corn on the cob with garlic mayonnaise, house roasted California chili powder, cotija cheese, cilantro and lime, finished with charred onion crema. This dish is guaranteed to give you something to smile about.

Pairing No. 3- Hang a Grouper, Eat a Grouper

Linda Heath is a mixed media artist from Bradenton who specializes in gyotaku- the art of fish printing. She uses Florida fish caught by herself and her friends and paints their bodies using water-soluble sumi ink. Then she rubs its imprint onto delicate rice paper. The last step is to paint the eye, adding a white dot in the center, which some believe gives the fish back its soul.

Looking at all those fish hanging on the walls of Booth No. 131 is enough to make you hungry. We recommend Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Express, where you can eat your weight in grouper sandwiches, fresh shrimp, mahi tacos and crab cakes.

Pairing No. 4- David Figueroa and Nico’s Arepas Grill

David Figueroa is last year’s Best of Show Winner for his sculpture work, and you will find him at Booth No. 115 this year. A Sanford resident, Figueroa uses a variety of materials in his work, including wood, steel, stone, bronze and found objects.

Like Figueroa, variety is the hallmark at Nico’s Arepas Grill. This tasty eatery serves arepas, a popular Venezuelan dish made from white corn meal dough that is pattied, grilled, split and stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including shredded beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and cheese. Be sure to try arepas while you’re at Mayfaire.