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Kenneth Treister: The Colors of Nature

Kenneth Treister: The Colors of Nature,  2010.

Kenneth Treister: The Colors of Nature, 2010.

Complementary to Raffael’s vibrant flowers, famous architect Kenneth Treister’s paintings also reflect the beauty of nature. The two artists, however, approach their subjects from unique angles. While Raffael uses a micro view, emphasizing individual details of his flowers, Treister takes a more minimal approach, while also looking at the beauty of his lushly landscaped Winter Haven home. Instead of focusing on the details, shapes and lines of a landscape, he steps back and allows the forms to dissolve into shimmering silky colors, revealing what the artist calls the “patterns of nature.”

Treister associates this approach with the Japanese concept of Shibui. The term refers to the highest level of beauty — a pure, simple, understated beauty that can easily be missed if one does not search for it. As Shibui relates to his art, Treister describes it as “a hidden art, where its many layers of paint have to be unpeeled over time to reveal its inner soul.” This exhibition will be presented as a single installation, allowing visitors to experience the works as a group, as if walking through a garden. During your visit, we encourage you to contemplate the simplicity and purity of nature as it is revealed through Treister’s pieces.

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