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Luisa Basnuevo: That Which is Unseen

Luisa Basnuevo: The Which is Unseen,  2002.

Luisa Basnuevo: The Which is Unseen, 2002.

Luisa Basnuevo was born in Cuba in 1962 and currently lives in Miami. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Florida International University in Miami and her Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University. She has won numerous awards including a Florida Visual Arts Fellowship and a Southern Arts Federation Fellowship through the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ms. Basnuevo has created a unique body of work that combines abstract, organic forms with pure artistic forms. Her numerous layers of painting create intense tonal variations that pulsate with emotion.

Independent Curator Janis Karam Gallo has described Ms. Basnuevo’s work as “idiosyncratic iconography [that] is strictly a visual means to exploring emotion, feeling and memory. Biomorphic forms suggesting seeds and fossils are utilized as metaphors that allow Basnuevo to explore an inner world. One camphor seed representative of a life experience spawns a comprehensive series of emotive explorations. These personal landscapes are the result of an introspective personality and an ardent passion for the act of painting. Coupled with the organic shapes that characterize her semi-abstract landscapes, the viewer can journey through an enigmatic, but meticulously painted, vista of visual and psychological depth. Atmosphere and a painterly surface make these abstracted artworks a rich visual experience.”

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