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Miroslav Antic: Family Album

Miroslav Antic: Family Album,  2008-2009.

Miroslav Antic: Family Album, 2008-2009.

Miroslav Antic has become well-known and respected for his stunning paintings that feature formal indoor or outdoor settings, depicted in astonishing detail. However, he covers these images with a sheer layer of paint that seems to veil the image from our view and adds a pattern on top, a pattern that sometimes appears as water droplets and sometimes as simple dots, that remind us that what we are looking at is just out of reach.

In Antic’s current body of work, Family Album, he works from family photographs in much the same way. The added personal content to these paintings, however, brings a new sense of dealing with the past. By taking one object that reflects his family and turning it into a second object, he is able to focus on the important meaning represented in the subject of the photograph, while grappling with the increased distance between him and the depicted scene.