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Masters of Spain: Goya and Picasso

Francisco Goya, 'Termeridad de martincho en la plaza de Zaragoza,' 1815-16, Etching, Image courtesy The Art Company.

In keeping with our mission to offer world-class art experiences for the community, this exhibition brings a rare showcase of work by two of the greatest Spanish painters of all time. Both considered masters in their respective centuries, Goya was the most famous Spanish painter of the nineteenth century and Picasso of the twentieth. Masters of Spain: Goya and Picasso, then, presents the two artists who defined Spanish made art for nearly two hundred years side by side and in important visual dialogue with one another.

With instantly recognizable styles, subject matters and techniques that inspire artists to this day, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) form an interesting pair. While Goya made his name in Spain proper, initially as the First Court Painter of King Charles IV, Picasso became famous abroad in France. Both lived very long lives - 82 and 91 years respectively - allowing them to see their worlds transform around them during rapidly changing eras in Europe, ones steeped in innovation, conflict, and cultural brilliance. And to be certain, Goya’s legacy as the outgoing Spanish art star was felt strongly by Picasso as he strove to take up that mantle.

Masters of Spain includes more than 50 works of art and features the iconic Tauromaquia (Bullfighting) series of etchings by Goya, as well as rare late-career works by Picasso in multiple media from ceramic to cardboard. The majority of the works in the show are on international loan from The Art Company, located in Pesaro, Italy.


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